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Based on the scientific knowledge of Bico’s Good Night’s SleepLab in Switzerland, we've created two tools that make up the Sleepgrader: 

BedCheck enables you to assess your bed along the relevant drivers for good sleep which are ergonomics, bed climate and hygiene. 

BedFinder enables you to create your personal sleep profile and helps us in finding the best bed that suits your needs.

Start BedFinder

Create your individual sleep profile with our BedFinder and help us recommend the best bed for you. The BedFinder is reliable, convenient, easy to use, and takes only 5 minutes to complete.

Start BedCheck

Share just a few pieces of information and within seconds we'll provide a comprehensive report card grading your bed. If you wish to go even further we'll be happy to send you a detailed report on demand.


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"I don't just 'like' the Swiss Sleep System' - I do believe it is among the best body support systems available anywhere in the world today. I have used this now for 7 years and would buy the same again today."

George J. Hunziker, Florida, USA

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"Sleeping on a Swiss Bed from Bico has made me realize that I've been missing out on a great sleeping experience for most of my life,. It is hands down the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in. Its firm texture is therapeutic for any person who suffers from back or neck discomfort. The head and legs can be elevated for those who suffer from heart or lung conditions. I look forward to night time, knowing that I will have the most enjoyable sleep experience."

Howard Braver, MD, Board Certified Sleep Medicine, UHealth Center, Miami

"They are without doubt the most comfortable mattresses I have slept on. I used to suffer back and knee pain, and now am completely pain free. I wake up energized without broken sleep!"

Helen Fennell, Carradale, UK

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