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this food may improve your sleep

As I had pointed out in one of my previous blogs about the sleep pyramid, good sleep quality is not just about mattresses and bed rooms - nutrition is also an important element when it comes to perfect sleep. Needless to mention that you should not consume well known sleepkillers such as coffee, alcohol or heavy food less than 2-3 hours before going to bed. What might be new for you: There is even food that may help to improve your sleep - and unlike most healthy things it's even tasting fine!
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5 things that you should fix in your bedroom

Looking beyond the next borders means from the perspective of your bed that you should once reflect, if your sleep environment (which is your bedroom) is good enough to support deep and undisturbed sleep - or not. There are a few points to consider and possibly to improve to make your sleep paradise come true. Too low temperature in a bedroom is flagging cold environment and your body starts to heat up!


Swiss Sleep System does not want to be just a trading company but also a knowledgeable partner for all those who care about good sleep and want to find their individual best sleep quality. Therefore, Martin Frutig, the sleep expert from Swiss Sleep System, is publishing frequently blogs for you.

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