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What's never told about mattresses made of Memory-Foam

Many products which seem to be very exciting at first sight also have a less attractive side which remains often undetected because manufacturers do not talk about it. So do also Memory-Foam mattresses which have been promoted strongly during many years (and still are) by one of the leading mattress producers and by many smaller manufacturers who tried to capture a part of that market. You might be familiar with the story about the NASA development and the tale about ultimate comfort which associates a weightless feeling, almost like flying. There is more to know if you want to recognize the full scope of this material which has its benefits without doubt, but, as said before, also its disadvantages.  MemoryFoam is chemically treated with the target to lose its resilience completely. The result is a foam that after being compressed is hardly "pushing back" and so it seems to memorize the shape of the object that has caused the said compression.  This lack of resilience provides a feeling of total pressure relief which is perceived as very comfortable by many consumers at first sight. The disadvantages are very often recognized later at home.

Why you should have a mattress with a washable cover

Would you consider to buy a pair of pants or a shirt which you cannot wash? Silly question, you probably think and you’re fully right! However, how come that day by day probably thousands of people on this globe decide to buy a new mattress that does not have a removable and washable cover?   Dust Mites in optical expansion The average period of use of a mattress is far above 10 years and you may imagine that there are many different kind of particles soiling the cover: Normal dust which is in the air, dust from the dust mite population on your mattress (the mattress is a preferred place to be for dust mites), urea that everyone emits by sweating and by the 0,3 to 0,5 liters of moisture one is evaporating through the skin every night - does not sound very appealing, does it?   


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