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What's so different with adjustable beds from Switzerland?

Adjustable beds create different kind of associations in people's minds. Many think that this is something for elderly or ill people which is not completely wrong indeed. But we should not exclude all those who expect a little more from their bed than just sleeping in it - and these expectations are not depending on age or physical conditions. Enjoy the video that demonstrates the functions and benefits of Switzerland's most sphosticated adjustable bed base, the Bicoflex M4:

Why bed climate is key for good sleep

Most people being asked what matters when it comes to a good bed would say it must be comfortable - and what they mean is ergonomic comfort. This is quite similar for most bed producers who strongly focus on developing good ergonomic properties in their products. There is nothing wrong about that of course, but it's not enough. There is a dimension we can name "Bed Climate" and it is not the climate that describes the relation between those sharing the bed. In fact, it is the micro-climate between your mattress and your duvet which is completely different from the room climate outside of your bed. What's really cool about it: You can take control if you want to continue to sweat like in a jungle or to feel perfectly fine as you would be at a Californian beach with a crispy summer breeze.

Wake up and explore the new world of Swiss Sleep System!

Swiss Sleep System is concluding a period of change, kicking-off its new strategy and launching a new and stunning website with lots of interesting information for people who care for a better sleep. Stay awake and read more on how to improve your sleep with Swiss Sleep System.
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Finding the ideal bed for you - these 6 ergonomic aspects matter

Going to sleep is first of all a matter of feeling comfortable when lying on your bed. But what are the main reasons you feel so or you don't? It has to do with fundamental ergonomic characteristics of a bed which should be in line with the individual requirements of the person who is using the bed. Hence, there is no best bed for everybody but there is a bed that is suited to your needs.


Swiss Sleep System does not want to be just a trading company but also a knowledgeable partner for all those who care about good sleep and want to find their individual best sleep quality. Therefore, Martin Frutig, the sleep expert from Swiss Sleep System, is publishing frequently blogs for you.

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