5 things that you should fix in your bedroom

Looking beyond the next borders means from the perspective of your bed that you should once reflect, if your sleep environment (which is your bedroom) is good enough to support deep and undisturbed sleep - or not. There are a few points to consider and possibly to improve to make your sleep paradise come true.

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Too low temperature in a bedroom is flagging cold environment and your body starts to heat up!

The 5 things to fix when creating a perfect sleep environment are the following:
1) Room temperature
2) Light
3) Noise
4) Your partner
5) Interior

1) Room temperature- too many people believe that cold temperatures avoid sweating in bed, but the contrary is right. Your nose and your head are flagging cold environment and the reaction of your body is heating up to compensate the cold. This controversary reaction lying under a too warm blanket leads to overheating and sweating. Keep your room temperature between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius and use a lighter and climate-regulating blanket that insulates less than a heavy one.

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ClimaLuxe blankets from Switzerland provide openings that actively transport moisture outside the bed and improve bed climate to be warm and dry instead of warm and humid. 

2) Light - your eyes are able to recognize light even when they are closed - this is a biologic feature that humans have herited from the time when clocks were not invented yet. If you should have a light leaking spot somewhere in your bedroom, this will disturb your sleep while the sun is rising and light is entering your sleep place. Take care that your bedroom can be turned fully to dark while you are sleeping.

3) Noise - if noise during the night is outside of your control and inevitable, you should consider to move to a silent place or you get common sleeping with ear protectors. Any kind of sound registered during the period of falling asleep is perceived as much louder and more disturbing than during day time - once more a natural protection from anything dangerous that might attack us while sleeping. So try to keep any noise out of your bedroom and make it a place of silence and rest.

4) Your partner - reading a newspaper, watching TV or starting a difficult discussion in bed beside someone who wants to sleep is an inacceptable torture for the one who tries to fall asleep. Adapt your behavior in the bedroom to the environment of a temple and create an ambiance that helps you and your partner to find everyone's piece of mind. 

5) Interior - you probably agree that flashing colors and garish interiors do not match the ambiance of a temple. Even if you do not see what's around when you sleep, natural materials, earthy colors and reducing the interior to a minimum will create a mood of tranquility and contentment in your bedroom. 

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