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November 26

Swiss Sleep System is concluding a period of change, kicking-off its new strategy and launching a new and stunning website with lots of interesting information for people who care for a better sleep. Stay awake and read more on how to improve your sleep with Swiss Sleep System.

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For many years Swiss Sleep System had offered a selective range of products which were produced by the factory of Bico of Switzerland in Schänis, a beautiful village in the countryside of South-East of Switzerland. Effective immediately, Swiss Sleep System is offering the full product range – mattresses, beds as well as quilts & pillows – under the original number one Swiss brand “Bico of Switzerland”. From the factory to your home – quick, safe and convenient.


Targeting for highest quality in consultation we have fully re-built our website and developed the online tool SLEEPGRADER that provides an interactive opportunity to qualify your current bed and to find the best bed for you. We have also started a blog which will inform you on relevant aspects how to improve your sleep. And we shall send out a newsletter with helpful information around Swiss Sleep System and Bico of Switzerland three times a year.

Join the community of Swiss Sleep System and share the extraordinary experience of our customers:

helen Fennels bedroom.jpg"They are without doubt the most comfortable mattresses I have slept on.
I used to suffer back and knee pain, and now am completely pain free.
I wake up energized without broken sleep!"

Helen Fennell, UK, 2016
Photo: Helen Fennel's bedroom at her villa in the Algarve, Portugal  



The festive days are coming closer and so the Swiss Sleep Team wishes you a wonderful Christmas time with your family and a great start into 2017.

group photo.jpgFrom left to right: Roman Jann (Founder and Owner), Vilma Calvo (Inbound Marketing Expert), Martin Frutig (Head of Sales and Marketing) - in addition to our commercial role all of us are sleep experts too.

Meet the Team and read more about the history of Swiss Sleep System and the way we work. 

 Meet the Team

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Swiss Sleep System does not want to be just a trading company but also a knowledgeable partner for all those who care about good sleep and want to find their individual best sleep quality. Therefore, Martin Frutig, the sleep expert from Swiss Sleep System, is publishing frequently blogs for you.

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