Premium Swiss Mattresses

Mattress awarded

Bico mattress Isabelle® Moon

Swiss made mattress heavy duty, multi-layer core with special foam providing you with lasting sleep comfort.
Mattress with Triple core made from EvoPoreHRC foam

Bico mattress Easy with three-zoned core with transverse ventilation

Swiss made mattress where the pressure in your back is also relieved by a special middle zone reinforcement.
Mattress with deep profiled shoulder zone

Bico mattress Libelle® with a high degree of support strength

Mattress where the pressure on the shoulder region is relieved in the best possible way
Swiss made mattress heavy duty, multi-layer core

Bico mattress Isabelle® Moon with lumbar support

Swiss made mattress heavy duty, multi-layer core with special foam providing you with lasting sleep comfort.
Mattress where the lumbar region is perfectly supported

Bico mattress Adelle for a good quality of sleep.

Swiss made mattress with zoned middle core and lumbar spine insert
Swiss made mattress with lumbar support

Bico mattress Isabelle® Star for optimal relief of pressure.

Swiss made mattress with specially raised comfort zones in the shoulder and pelvic region ensuring an especially high level of comfort.
Mattresss for your ideal body support

Bico mattress Super Relax for your ideal body support.

Swiss made mattress ideal for those who sleep on their stomach due to the special stomach and back support
Mattress that supports  the lumbar region.

Bico mattress Isabelle® Dream for ergonomic sleep comfort.

Swiss made mattress with an outstanding ergonomic, balanced core that contains specially developed comfort zones.
Mattress with newly-developed, supportive lumbar area

Bico mattress Jubilé for the relaxation of the shoulders.

Swiss made mattress that relieves pressure on the shoulders and support the neck area
Mattress that regenerates the spine

Bico mattress GelLuxe that regenerates your spine

Orthopedic mattress with comfortable surface from soft and breathable gel foam for a perfect body fit.
Orthopedic Swiss made mattress

Bico mattress Airtex® for exceptional wellbeing.

Bico mattress with an optimal precision adjustment to body zones that turns your sleep into an exceptional experience.
For a bed climate tailored to you.

Bico ClimaLuxe® mattress for a bed climate tailored to you

Bico mattress with anatomical relief zones and a high degree of support strength, your body is revived in the best possible manner
Orthopedic mattress with 3D climate-control fabric for ideal climate exchange

Bico ErgoLuxe® mattress for excellent regeneration

Orthopedic mattress with surface made from EvoPoreHRC foam with embedded zones of visco-elastic foam
Mattress that satisfies your highest demands

AirPulse® orthopedic mattress

Orthopedic mattress that ensures ideal air and moisture regulation and a comfortable climate in your bed.
Orthopedic mattress with lumbar zone support

Orthopedic mattress VitaLuxe® for active lumbar support

Orthopedic mattress with Innovative relief and support modules which ensure optimal regeneration of your spine.
Mattress with middle zone reinforcement

Finesse Orthopedic Mattress

Orthopedic Mattress with triple body support spring elements. The 3-dimensional ventilation system guarantees the perfect climate in your bed.
Premium mattress with middle zone reinforcement

ErgoLuxe® Select mattress

Orthopedic mattress with revolutionary relief of pressure, supports muscle relaxation whilst you sleep.
Mattress that relieves the pressure on your shoulders perfectly

AirPulse® Select mattress

Premium Mattress that provides more comfort when lying down thanks to the outstanding surface profiling
Mattress that alleviates tension of the neck and shoulder

VitaLuxe® Select mattress

Premium Mattress for peak performance and soft comfort every day.
For the perfect bed climate and extra soft sleep comfort.

Finesse Select Mattress

Premium Mattress for the perfect bed climate and extra soft sleep comfort.

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